Member of the Romanian Academy
Professor, National Science and Technology University Politehnica of Bucharest, Romania

Research interests:
Advanced Driving Algorithms and Strategies, Bioengineering and Bioinformatics, Intelligent Driving of Mobile Robots, Computer-aided Design of Automated Systems, Complex Integrated Systems - Cyber Physical Systems Methodologies and Intelligent Process Management Systems with Applications in the Fields of Mobile Robotics, Biotechnology, Manufacturing Systems, Energy, Transport.

Keynote address:
The Human Brain as an Adaptive Complex System

The Human Brain as a dynamic complex system has the capability to realize a complex and heterogeneous behaviour due to the interacting of the billions of neurons organized in the multiple neuronal clusters with high level of the dynamic reconfiguration. We try to develop a structural functional model to analyse the complex interactions between structure-functions and behaviours. A systemic description of the brain as a complex adaptive system allows to integrate specific models in computational neuroscience with global information flows and cognitive functions. This keynote address is a short synthesis of the modelling and analysis of the brain as an adaptive complex system.

Ioan DUMITRACHE from the Romanian Academy, was born in Darmanesti, Arges county, Romania, in 1940. He graduated from the Faculty of Energetics of the Polytechnic Institute of Bucharest in 1962 and obtained the title of engineer, doctor in Automation in 1970, with a thesis on Contributions to the synthesis of numerical fluidic systems and circuits. He completed his studies through specialization programs in the U. S. (1969, 1971, 1991, 1994), in Germany, and in France. In 1970, he won a Fullbright scholarship to the Center for System Science at the Oklahoma State University.

Author of over 270 papers, published in technical journals and volumes of important conferences (Automatica IFAC Journal, Mathematics and Computers Journal, Studies in Informatics and Control, Automation Journal, etc., volumes of IFAC World Congresses, IEEE Conferences, European Conference of Control, etc.,). He is the editor of over 24 volumes in automated and information technology published in national and international publishing houses.

Ioan DUMITRACHE published as an author or co-author more than 40 books (course support, monographs): Automatic Control Techniques, Electronic Control, Neural Networks, Genetic algorithms, Intelligent robots, Automatic tuning engineering, Electronic Automation, etc., Numerical process regulation, Optimization in industrial automation, Intelligent Control of Industrial Robots, Introduction in Genetic Algorithms, Neural networks in process identification and management, etc. He was a member of more than 30 conferences of International Programmes Committees belonging to IFAC, IEFE, EE President and co-chair of more than 20 scientific sessions at international conferences organized in Belgium, Italy, Greece, Spain, Spain, France, China, England, Bulgaria, Hungary, Germany, Portugal, etc.

Ioan DUMITRACHE has participated, as a director or member of research teams, in more than 100 scientific research projects, including international projects. The main research areas were: advanced driving algorithms and strategies, intelligent driving systems with applications in biotechnology, manufacturing, energy and transport, intelligent driving of mobile robots, etc., design and simulation of dynamic systems (SIMSID, PROSIM, PACSID), complex integrated systems (Cyber-Physical Systems), bioengineering, modeling of the human brain.

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